Oran Muduroglu CEO

Areas of expertise
  • Successful disruptive entrepreneur in care delivery, with 30 plus years of experience in healthcare IT, focussed on reducing the cost, increasing access, and improving outcomes of care
  • Led three successful start-up exits to multi-billion dollar health care leaders
  • Led Verily (Alphabet) Care Delivery Platforms – focussed on Medicare Advantage populations
  • Led Philips Health Informatics and Patient Monitoring 
  • Pioneered the development and deployment of evidence-based care workflow for providers
  • Pioneered the conversion from analog to digital in healthcare informatics and workflow

A successful disruptive entrepreneur on care delivery, with 30 plus years of experience in healthcare IT.

Mr. Muduroglu is a healthcare technology innovator, with over 30 years of startup and board experience, including public companies, multiple acquisitions, founding CEO to multi-billion p/l. He focuses on developing healthcare solutions dedicated to reducing cost while increasing access and quality, in anticipation of value-based care. He is currently the President and CEO of coeus h3c a new start-up with seed funding from BestBuy Health, building a secure cloud platform to support the installation, support and access of home health solutions and associated data to improve patient engagement and outcomes.

Before coeus h3c, Mr. Muduroglu was a business leader for Verily – Alphabet’s Health Delivery Platforms, where he led the commercialization of solutions for care providers (B to B). Verily drew from a myriad of solutions within Alphabet to develop a value-based platform to enable physician groups to take on direct risk, under the CMS Medicare Advantage programs.

Before Verily, Mr. Muduroglu was the President and CEO of Medicalis (Siemens). Medicalis, was a joint venture with Brigham & Woman’s hospital to develop a value-based platform for Health Systems to deliver value-based care. In the progress of Medicalis, the team participated in the CMS demonstration projects, which helped in the authoring of laws for Congress to support value-based care. 7 of the top 15 health systems were Medicalis enterprise platform customers. Medicalis was acquired by Siemens Healthineers mid-June, 2017.

Mr. Muduroglu was also the President and CEO of Stentor. Stentor was the first organization to allow US hospitals to reliably go filmless. In addition to their proprietary enabling technology, Stentor was also one of the first to deliver a SaaS solution in 2000 and took a contrarian approach to enter the market from the enterprise and not as a departmental solution. Within 5 years, Stentor was #2 in the market after General Electric and #1 in KLAS for 3 years running. Philips Medical Systems acquired stentor in 2005, and Mr. Muduroglu joined as the CEO of Healthcare Informatics & Patient Monitoring within Philips Medical Systems. Phillips rapidly consolidated the global Medical IT business under Stentor’s management team, and then added Patient Monitoring into the Business Group. At Philips, beyond the integration of Stentor, Mr. Muduroglu drove the development of the Philips IT strategy and acquired several organizations.

Mr. Muduroglu received his Bachelor of Science Hons, in Engineering, from King’s College London. He was the recipient of the Science Research Scholarship and was awarded the Institute of Mechanical Engineers Prize for his graduation thesis.

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