The Challenge

The industry is struggling to meet the growing demand for Remote Care Programs, and the patient experience is far from seamless. Often, care teams find themselves forced to deliver tech support rather than care and struggle with siloed communication that disrupts coordinated care.

Too many issues remain unresolved: 

Kitting constraints, setup, testing, onboarding, usage, connectivity and returns.

Status and Data:
Incompatibility, inaccessibility (for providers), privacy and security.

Tech Support:
With onboarding, seamless escalation, and analytics, h3c is here to serve virtual home health solution providers. coeus h3c does not provide care; we facilitate seamless care delivery. coeus h3c does not build devices; we ensure they are used to their full potential.

Pharma delivery

The Solution

coeus h3c is dedicated to supporting virtual home health solution providers to deliver remote care as seamlessly as in-clinic care.

Patients and their families enjoy the benefits of med tech, unburdened from the complexities that can plague the acquisition, installation, onboarding, usage and maintenance of smart devices.  

Clinicians focus on what they do best: Deliver care–NOT tech support. 

coeus h3c platform allows the home health and monitoring ecosystem to run smoothly, efficiently, and intelligently.

Seniors opening kitted package
kitting delivery

RPM / CCM / VNA / H@H / DCT Solution Providers

coeus h3c resolves over 30 points of friction! 

  • Kitting, Provisioning, Returns, Ready-For-Reuse
  • Delivery, Installation, Testing
  • Patient & Family Onboarding, Training, Tech Support
  • Data Ownership, Consent, Privacy, Security
  • Seamless integration for order receipt and status updates back to the EMR

Comprehensive dashboards monitoring Solution Performance Analytics, Patient Experience & Engagement Monitoring, Provider Satisfaction Scores

Virtual Solution Provider Patients, Caregivers & Families

h3c facilitates an easy, friction-free experience which drives adherence, engagement and satisfaction. h3c enables virtual care providers to deliver a white-glove, concierge approach allowing patients to heal and their loved ones to remain focused on care support. 

With no mess in the middle, care provider’s solutions are ordered, kitted, & personally configured

  • Delivered, installed and made fully operational
  • Connected so that data is easily accessible to providers
  • Monitored so that any issues with devices/connectivity are proactively resolved with minimal to no service disruption

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT)

The coeus h3c platform supports research organizations with Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT) to enable remote engagement and data collection.

RPM Life Cycle
Senior Woman Initiating Activation of Devices.

From order capture to device recovery, h3c manages the entire remote patient monitoring process for vendors and patients, beginning with procurement and provisioning to, extending through delivery, installation and maintenance and finally, ensuring efficient equipment return. h3c accomplishes this through six overarching functions that eliminate cover more than 30 points of friction.

The Virtual Care Journey

Warehouse kit Assembly

Take the Friction Out of Virtual Care Delivery and Monitoring

Seamless Ordering

Working with Xealth and our other partners, clinicians can order a comprehensive, highly personalized RPM kit to arrive on the SAME or NEXT DAY at the patients’ home. The RPM Program Kit tracked every step of the way.

Comprehensive Order Fulfillment

As soon as the order is received, h3c facilitates reaching out to patients to complete a comprehensive assessment and home evaluation To support home health delivery vendors with up-to-date information on the patient’s existing home circumstances and available family support.

Personalized Kits

• h3c supports virtual care providers and vendors to create, update and manage kit specifications dynamically

• h3c ensures the curation of personalized kits at scale, ensuring a frictionless setup and usage.

• Device experience and usage is tracked longitudinally, independent of kits.

Install, Test, Onboard & Go-Live

• To ensure a smooth onboarding experience and to empower providers and patients, h3c enables the delivery of curated kits fully configured and ready to go live straight out of the box.

• To ensure an optimal and efficient go-live, h3c scores the patient via real time insights drawn from the patient assessment and onboarding experience, allowing virtual care providers to only deploy the appropriate resources required.

• Monitoring the risk of abandonment during the critical setup and initiation workflows; seamless escalating from text notifications to voice or video guidance to live in-home support. i.e. hand-holding as required

24/7 Monitoring with Predictive Technical Support Alerts

• Patients won’t be distracted by interruptions in service. h3c continuously monitors devices and connections to ensure predictive detection and timely resolution of issues with the RPM provider.

• Patient engagement and adherence is fully maximized with dashboards that track, flag, and notify patterns of potential disengagement across the platform. Care team efficiency and revenue is maximized,  as surprises are eliminated.

• h3c protects patient data and ensures all devices strictly adhere to security, privacy and HIPAA guidelines.

• Supply of all consumables is monitored to ensure automated replenishment to the home.


1-Click Return & Ready For Re-Use

• h3c ensures a robust return process with integrated reverse logistics to optimize the collection, packaging, sanitizing, repair and decommissioning of all equipment to ensure excellent care for future patients. 

• All devices are digitally sanitized to protect patient privacy.


Security and Privacy

coeus h3c is committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of your data, continuously monitoring and reading, and evolving our state of the art measures.

Privacy and security safeguards and features on the h3c platform, include:

  • HIPAA/HITECH compliance and process for ensuring protection of confidential patient information.
  • SOC 2 Compliant, Third party audits and intrusion testing
  • Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Users who do not need to see PHI to complete their tasks are unable to see it
  • Users who do need to see PHI to complete their tasks, only see the minimal information they need to do their job.
  • Sensitive information is retained according to specific consent or only as long as is necessary to complete the necessary task
Privacy and Security
mess in the middle

We’re fixing the mess in the middle.

h3c automates the technology and logistics tangle that impedes the success of today’s remote patient monitoring solutions, delivering an easy, frictionless experience that supports improved patient adherence, and engagement and caregiver satisfaction.

Improve the management of your RPM support.