coeus h3c is on a Mission

The founding team brings a proven track record of creating optimized  patient and caregiver solutions and is singularly focused on removing needless friction in healthcare. This core belief guides the team: Care should, whenever possible, be delivered in the home. And, when it is, it MUST be experienced with as much ease and convenience as delivery of utilities to the home.

All coeus h3c team members are fiercely devoted to making this a reality. As with virtually all other domains (financial services, travel and transportation), once a consumer is fully empowered to experience a service or product on their terms, engagement and loyalty rise sharply along with trust and confidence in the home care model.

Remote care delivered in the home is the most easily experienced care setting, and coeus h3c is making this right. Access to high-quality care is a human right to which every human is entitled.

coeus h3c is dedicated to supporting solutions to deliver remote care as seamlessly and integrated an experience as in-clinic care. 

What to expect

  • Seamless Ordering
  • Personalized RPM Kits
  • Richer engagement
  • Install, Test, Onboard & Go-Live
  • 24/7 Monitoring w/Tech Issue Prediction, Detection, & Resolution
  • 1-Click Return & Ready For Re-Use
  • Cloud-based IT and logistics platform that is secure, scalable and reliable
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Executive Team

Oran Muduroglu CEO

  • Successful disruptive entrepreneur in care delivery, with 30 plus years of experience in healthcare IT, focussed on reducing the cost, increasing access, and improving outcomes of care
  • Led three successful start-up exits to multi-billion dollar health care leaders
  • Led Verily (Alphabet) Care Delivery Platforms – focussed on Medicare Advantage populations
  • Led Philips Health Informatics and Patient Monitoring 
  • Pioneered the development and deployment of evidence-based care workflow for providers
  • Pioneered the conversion from analog to digital in healthcare informatics and workflow

Cleon Hill Wood-Salomon CTO

  • Cleon is a skilled technology manager, solution architect and software engineer with over 25+ years 

  • An expert in enterprise software and large-scale cloud architecture with focus in healthcare informatics, imaging workflow, logistics, and financial and e-commerce IT. 

  • Lead a 3+ year collaboration at Weill Cornell Medicine between the department of radiology and Medicalis to improve physician outreach and decrease costs through the elimination of inter-department workflow inefficiencies.

  • In the position of Product Management Director at Medicalis (now Siemens Healthineers) worked with many leading health care organizations including Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Inland Imaging, Northwell Health System, UCLA Hospital, Veterans Administration and of course New York Presbyterian – Weill Cornell.

Derek MacNeil Privacy, Data & Security

  • Accomplished privacy, data & security solution architect and database software engineer with over 20+ years holding various positions at Siemens Healthineers, Medicalis, Agfa Healthcare.
  • Worked with many of the top health systems in the US ensuring multiple 9’s of solution up time.
  • Skilled problem solver, with a successful history of risk analysis, definition and application of privacy, data & security, and quality systems.
  • Respected and admired team builder with keen interest in ensuring team passion through fairness, equality, and learning.
  • Expert level architect having deep focus on database design, development, performance, and scalability.
  • His experience includes an additional 9 years in professional services and financial services roles.
  • Working with a team of experts has helped drive the successful integration of an acquired company and a large multinational organization’s quality systems, products, and services.

Bruno Finelli Director of Development

  • As a Director of Development, Bruno’s has consistently and successfully managed development teams, driven architecture and meet strategic goals.
  • An expert level UX designer who has created software used by countless delighted users
  • Held leadership positions at Mach7 Technologies, Client Outlook Inc. and Medicalis.
  • An entrepreneur of his own successful company, GeoTech Solutions specialized in digital transformations for the GeoSpatial industry and several other market verticals.

Executive Team

  • Oran Muduroglu


    Oran is a successful, disruptive entrepreneur in care delivery, with 30 plus years of experience in healthcare IT His focus is on reducing the cost, increasing...

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  • Cleon Hill Wood-Salomon


    Cleon is a skilled technology manager, solution architect and software engineer with over 25 years of enterprise software and cloud experience in healthcare...

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  • Derek MacNeil

    Privacy, Data & Security

    A skilled problems solver, with a succeffult history of defining, managing and merging privacy, data & security solution and quality systems.

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  • Bruno Finelli

    Director of Development

    As the Director of Development, Bruno is responsible for managing all development teams, supporting the definition of architecture and ensuring all software...

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